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The Thank You Challenge

I’d like to invite you to SendOutCard’s 30 Day Gratitude Challenge. All you need to do is send one greeting card to someone you are grateful for for 30 days.

Check it out: TheThankYouChallenge.com

My Coaching Code is mnelson

30 Day Gratitude Challenge

I listened to the Packard Team call and heard them talk about the 30 Day Gratitude Challenge.

The Challenge is for the next 30 days, send a card or letter to someone expressing your gratitude for them. Now how cool is that. Do you know how many people you can touch. Well I do. At least 30 if you are up for the Challenge. Continue reading

Here Is My SendOutCards Presentation Word For Word

I wanted to share my SendOutCards Presentation or Gift Account Walk Thru word for word. When I ask questions I try to ask questions that will answer YES to. So here we go!!!

Okay, I’m going to show you something pretty cool, or at least I think is pretty cool.

I’m going to have you go to my website.

You’re going to type this in the address bar in the top, okay?

Go ahead and type in www.sendoutcards.com/50233 That’s www.sendoutcards.com/50233 (I spell it out, go slow, plus say it twice)

Okay, you should see my ‘mug’ shot in the top right hand corner. Do you see my picture and name Mark and Nancy Nelson (I want to make sure they are on my website) Continue reading