The Benefits of Prospecting Online

The Benefits of Prospecting Online

globe-376948_640Prospecting in network marketing has been called a lot of things. Some good and some bad. Network marketers try to attract people into their business. The benefits of prospecting online are you become “pursued” rather than you doing the “pursuing.” When that happens, that is powerful.

So what are the benefits of prospecting online. Continue reading

Make Time To Grow Your Business

Are you starting part-time in your business. To be successful you need to make time to grow your business.

businessman-withsign-part-timeYou can be part-time in your Direct Sales – Network Marketing business and be very successful. But you have to be careful and not be working in your  “spare time” and think you can be successful. Momentum only comes through consistency.

I don’t know how much time you have. When I first got started I could only do 1 hour a day and only during the week. And that wasn’t 1 continuous hour. I was broke it down in 4, 15 minute time periods. But that was okay. An I did build a successful business.

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I Did Some Dumb Things In Starting My MLM Business

Starting My MLM Business

LeWeb_2010_-_The_dumb_pipeAs I look back on what I did starting my mlm business, I really did some dumb things.

But … we all have to start someplace, right?

Some of the things I did though I learned from my upline or sponsors. So even though I consider them dumb now, all I was doing was what I was being taught.

Did you ever walk malls trying to strike up conversations with people? Or how about making flyers and putting them on cars in the parking lot of a mall or an event. Or what about getting business cards and sticking them in the credit card readers at stores and gas stations. Continue reading

Automated Income – Possible or Myth?


Automated Income – Possible or Myth?

Amazone_Staatliche_Antikensammlungen_8953Many people will tell you that having an automated income isn’t possible. Maybe they have tried to build a business and didn’t work for them. So they just don’t believe they can build a business that has an automated income. But it is possible!

If you want to achieve prosperity you have to follow a formula. The formula doesn’t have to be rocket science it just has to be a formula you can follow.

It’s the same thing if you are making brownies. If you can follow a simple recipe or formula then you will have some fantastic tasting brownies that you get to enjoy.

If you want to make money ONLINE, it is exactly the same thing … Continue reading

Achieving Success Through Your Vision Book

Achieving Success Through Your Vision Book

ID-100120957Man, I don’t know about you but I have spent countless hours and way too much energy looking for that special “secret” in your Network Marketing business. The one thing that is guaranteed to make your business a success. The perfect script, the perfect opt-in, the perfect web site, or shoot the perfect “whatever!” Well I found it!

Might not make sense to you but it works.

It’s the Vision Book.  Or, Vision board.

Some people might call this a dream book. What ever you call it. This is a place where your record the vision of your successful business or life. The vision of what you want to have, what you want to do, and what you want to be. Continue reading

Pure Leverage – An Online Business That Will Work For You

Pure Leverage – An Online Business That Will Work For You

banner_76I have been building a home business since 2008 and really have done pretty well. I started like most people and talking to my warm market. The people that I knew or someone close to me knew.

But I also started to learn how to meet people online. That was a big learning curve. As I became more successful, the people I met online wanted to learn how to do the same thing – how to build a business online.

Until recently, this would have been difficult due to the learning curve. The tools you needed were all from different vendors and it was a challenge to figure how to make them all work together. Then once everything was set up, they still had to learn how to market online.

Then I stumbled upon Pure Leverage and the Simple Money System marketing funnel system! Continue reading