Are You In Your Business For The Long Haul?

Are You In Your Business For The Long Haul?

your businessIf you are looking for success in your business, you need to ask yourself “are you in your business for the long haul?” or are you going to stop the first time you face some sort of adversity.

So many people start a business with the idea of making their business work. Nothing will stop them from succeeding. And then the first time they someone says “No” they quit. Or maybe they can’t log into their website. Or maybe they have to learn something they have not done before. Or maybe ….

This all boils down to your ability to give it a try something and when you face some sort of failure, you persevere and you do NOT give up. If you research any person who has been success in a home based or online business, you will see they have failed and probably more than once. But they keep on trying until they succeed. Continue reading

Use Video Marketing To Boost Your Business

Use Video Marketing To Boost Your Business

video-camera-iconI don’t know about you but I was kind of scared to make my own videos but I did know it was very beneficial for people to use video marketing to boost your business. I had a goal to start making some videos.

What video marketing does is show you as a real person. Many people are looking for the right mentor, coach, or sponsor that they feel will help them build their business.

When I was looking for my business, I personally searched out different people. And to tell you the truth I stayed away from the people who came across as being the perfect salesmen. I wanted someone like me. Someone I felt comfortable with. Continue reading

How To Do Online Or Internet Marketing

How To Do Online Or Internet Marketing

People Internet MarketinNot too long ago, the internet was just getting started and now it is being used by billions of people around the world. Many of these people want to know how to do online or internet marketing!

Many people rely on the Internet for many simple tasks. They use social media or email to stay in touch with family and friends. Search engines are used for finding the answers to questions, or locating products and services that are needed.

If you know how to market online you can position yourself to help the people who are looking products, services, or answers to their questions. Continue reading

You Want To Build Your Home Business Online

So You Want To Build Your Home Business Online

Home-BusinessesYou want to build your home business online but your sponsor tells you it won’t work and it’s the wrong way to build your business. What do you do? Listen to your upline?

First of all why would your upline or sponsor suggest it’s a mistake and the wrong way of doing business?

When I first got started I heard the same thing. These are a few of the statements I heard: Continue reading

Multiple Streams Of Income

My Thoughts On Multiple Streams Of Income

Streams of IncomeI am sure you have heard someone mention you should have multiple streams of income. My parents told me I should always be looking for ways to have multiple streams of income.

There are 3 different ways to earn income.

The first is from employment or in common terms your job. Which actually is trading your time for money. In all honesty, most people earn money from a job but in a job you are highly limited because you will almost always run out of time, before you make the money you want.  “It’s the wrong track!” Continue reading

The Benefits of Prospecting Online

The Benefits of Prospecting Online

globe-376948_640Prospecting in network marketing has been called a lot of things. Some good and some bad. Network marketers try to attract people into their business. The benefits of prospecting online are you become “pursued” rather than you doing the “pursuing.” When that happens, that is powerful.

So what are the benefits of prospecting online. Continue reading